Often times as we arrived at the campground it was already dark. The previous night was no different, except for the first time, we would see the Northern Lights. After waking up we walked around, finally able to see where we were.

Today was "Culture Day" in a town called Stöðvarfjörður. Confused as to what this actually meant, we stopped in a cafe to hopefully get some answers. The woman working had no idea what we were talking about, so Quentin called a local artist factory and told them a group of journalists were interested in speaking with them. With no luck, and still confused, we walked into a nearby studio and met a man named Tony.

Leaving Tony's, we realized Masato was nowhere to be found, so we headed back towards the car.

From there we drove to Seyðisfjörður, arriving around 8pm, and went straight to the bar our guide books suggested. Tired from all the driving, I was excited to finally try the famous Black Death, a popular Icelandic liquor also known as Brennivín. The bar was full of locals and other travelers who couldn't believe the 5 of us had never met before. We drank, and ate pizza and it was beautiful.