Golden Circle

Our first stop was a tour of an area known as the Golden Circle. This is a popular tourist route that loops from Reykjavík into central Iceland and back. Although peak tourist season is in the middle of the Summer (when the days are long and the sun never fully sets) there were still an incredible amount of tourists present. Due to our proximity to Reykjavík, we were not surprised. Quentin referred to our group as "travelers", not tourists.

We climbed a nearby mountain, not knowing what would greet us at the top.

Then drove to Gullfoss, another of the more popular tourists attractions in Iceland.


After leaving the Golden Circle, we headed South, stopping in a town called Skáholt. Here I came across a dog, which prompted me to look up the Icelandic word for sit. It’s sitja, in case you meet an Icelandic dog.


Before eating dinner and pitching our tents for the night, we made one more stop in a town called Eyrabakki.