I decided to go to Iceland not only for it’s breathtaking beauty, but also because it has a reputation for being one of the most easily traversed destinations. There is one main road, Route 1, that circles the entire Island. This road would become my home for the next two weeks. ¶ Although I had booked this trip and intended to travel solo (something that I found to plague my mind with ‘What If’s’ more and more as the date approached) I was put at ease after making contact with 4 others who expressed a similar desire to travel, but had no designated travel partners. ¶ Quentin and Mickael are two French Journalists, who, nearing the end of a U.S. tour, decided they wanted to explore Iceland. Elvio, from Brazil, reached out to me via Couch Surfing. And Masato, from Japan, who had initially planned on touring Iceland via bicycle but decided to ditch the bike and travel with us. ¶ Despite the language barrier, the bond that the five of us developed was unlike anything I have ever experienced and by far my favorite part of the trip.