Southeast Iceland

After passing around a bottle of whiskey and relaxing in a hot pot, we woke up in the Southeast of Iceland. Today's first stop would be Skaftafellsjökull glacier.

On our way to Jökulsárlón, we stopped in Hof to see Iceland's oldest grass roof church.

The overcast day made for very dramatic pictures of Jökulsárlón.

From Jökulsárlón, we drove to the coast to walk along a black sand beach.

As we made our way around the Southeast of Iceland, heading towards the Eastfjords, the road suddenly opened up, and right on cue, the sun come out. I pulled over and found myself in utter disbelief at what lie in front of me. Before I could process what I was seeing, I was walking along a lake framed by picturesque mountains. It is hard to describe the way I felt without gushing, but as I walked past a couple who were holding each other and staring into the horizon, it was clear they felt the same way I did. I'd seen so much, it was hard to believe it was only the fourth day of my trip.

We continued along route 1 and stopped in Stafafell, intent on sleeping in the guesthouse. The guesthouse ended up being full, so we decided to drive to a nearby campground. Before leaving Stafafell, the sky turned a deep shade of red and I took a few pictures of some curiously, friendly lamb. Their father however, was not so friendly.