The Westfjords

Out of all the places in Iceland, I was most excited to see the Westfjords. Described as the most beautiful place in Iceland—only 3% of it's tourist ever get to see it. So we woke up early in the North and drove straight there. After hours of driving, the sun that seemed to be following us the entire trip was no where to be found. Instead, were were surrounded by dense fog and rain.

Exhausted from driving all morning and afternoon, Mickael took. With the roads being as rough as they were, it wasn't long before had a flat tire. We were stranded in Iceland's most remote region and on a steep hill in heavy rain none the less. Fortunately, a man named Pang, who had just picked up some french hitchhikers, pulled over and help us change the tire. I later found out that one of the hitchhikers is famous Soap Opera actor in France.

After several more hours of slow, rough driving we finally made it to the Latenburg Clifs. The road here was supposed to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world, but we couldn't see anything because of the dense fog. The overall morale was pretty low at this point. We were too far to turn around, and had drastically underestimated the amount of the time it would take to drive through the Westfjords. We made a terrible mistake.

Grumpy and wet, I decided to take another look at the map and realized there was a road we could take out of the Westfjords without losing a day by backtracking. We decided we would sleep in the WestFjords, and head to Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the morning. With it being so late in the season, almost everything in the Westfjords was already closed. We ended up eating at the only thing open—a hotel—and ran into Pang again.